General Questions

We suggest that once you know your plans you should already reserve a space. Auto transport routes are limited and always are more difficult to schedule the closer to the transport date.
Depending on the road conditions, the weather, the traffic, and how many stops along the route, the typical transport time is 400-500 miles per day.
Yes, you are allowed no more than 100 lbs in the trunk and the back seat of your vehicle. As long as it is below the window line. For car transports going on a ship to Hawaii and Alaska, unfortunately, are not allowed any items in those vehicles due to a very strict weight limit.
Yes, your vehicle, once on the transport carrier is fully insured. All drivers adhere to very strict rules for code and safety while on the road for your vehicle's protection.
Yes, you can either call us or we can have your driver update you on the status of the transport.
Yes, we do. Please let us know when you first call so we can make sure your discount will be applied.
Yes. We often work with many car dealerships and moving companies. They know the value of having more than one car transported.
Yes. As long as the vehicle rolls, steers and stops. Meaning as long as it has 4 wheels that roll, the steering wheel is on and it has brakes. Now if it doesn't roll, steer and stop, like a vehicle that had an accident and it is from an auction house, we can still transport it using a forklift to load onto our carrier. However, there must be a forklift on the delivery end as well.
Yes. We will be using special equipment in some cases but we can surely help you and explain the process.

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